PTA Committees

PTA Committees are where parents, teachers, and members of our school community can work together on projects to help our school. Below is our list of committees. For more information, please contact the PTA!

Arts and Enrichments

The Arts and Enrichments committee looks for opportunities to make special programs to the school. Examples of these are:

  • New Victory Theater
  • LeAp: Learning through an Expanded Arts Program
  • El Museo del Barrio


The Fundraising committee looks for opportunities to increase the funds available for PTA activities. Examples include:

  • Annual School Fair
  • Fundraising events, such as:
    • September: Curriculum Night
    • November: Election Day
    • December: Winter Celebration
    • February: Valentine’s Day
    • May: Mother’s Day


The Outreach committee’s goal is to improve engagement of our parents by helping them understand school policies, answer questions, and offer opportunities for volunteering.


The Communications committee seeks to improve distribution of information from the school to parents by working closely with the administration. Examples include:
  • PTA newsletter
  • School web site
  • School Facebook page