School Breakfast and Lunch Menus

School Lunch.png

Menus for school breakfast and lunch can be found on the NYC School Food web site.

You can use this web site to view menus, fill out your lunch form (please do that, regardless of whether or not you qualify for free lunch), and you can also download the School Food App for your mobile device.

School Lunch menu search.png


At the top of the NYC School Food web site, you can search for your school, as shown above. The link below will take you to the information page for our school. From there, you can click the links for breakfast or lunch menus.

NYC School Food: PS/MS 165 School Food Menus

Please note that the meal served may sometimes be different than what’s on the menu. If you need the menus on a more regular basis, try downloading the School Food app, available for iOS and Android.

Supply lists

Supply lists for each grade can be found below. It’s possible that your teacher may have customized their supply list, so please check with your teacher before buying supplies! For parents who pre-ordered their school supplies during last year’s fundraiser, they will be arriving very soon. Thank you!

Kindergarten general supply list

1st grade general supply list

2nd grade general supply list

3rd grade supply list, dual-language

4th grade general supply list

5th grade general supply list

Web site update and Back to School!

Dear Parents,

We are excited to start the 2017-2018 school year! We are in the process of transitioning to our new web site, and we thank you for your patience as we complete this change.

Over the next few days, we will be posting back-to-school information here on our news page. We also invite you to visit our Facebook page for more information.

Thank you!