E3 Sports


E3 at PS/MS 165 Robert E. Simon

Pediatric research has demonstrated that recess is vital to children’s emotional, social, developmental and cognitive well being. Playtime has benefits that extend beyond the physical; in fact recess has been shown to reduce bullying. With trimmed budgets many schools are unable to provide supervised playtime. Without a funded designated recess program, time is very often limited to indoor sedentary activities. The PS 165 Parent Teacher Association raises funds for a recess program with E3 Sports that began in the Spring of 2014.

In conjunction with E3 Sports Recess program, the school established supervised recess activities. Our children thoroughly enjoy the program, which includes age appropriate games and physical activities for the elementary school children, in a well-staffed and supervised setting, rain or shine. The school community is delighted by the success of the project!