Visiting and Check-in

For the safety and privacy of all students and staff, we ask that all parents and visitors follow the guidelines below when entering the school building.

All parents and visitors must sign in at the Safety Agents Desk
All parents and visitors must show identification and sign in at the safety agent desk upon entering the building.  This applies even if you are going to see our Parent Coordinator or to visit the nurse’s office.  Visitors must present a valid photo ID and sign in.

Dropping off items for your child
Please leave items with our Parent Coordinator (i.e. coats, a lunch, or homework) who will make sure the items are delivered to your child’s classroom.

Meeting with Teachers and Administration
Please notify the Parent Coordinator at (212) 678-2873 ext. 1141 if you wish to speak to a teacher.  You can also call the main office to speak to the Assistant Community Associate, Ms. Chrissy Valle, to schedule a meeting with any member of Administration ext. 2080

Parent Waiting Area
For the privacy of students and other parents, please do not linger in the room immediately outside of the Parent Coordinator and Nurses office.