Move to Improve

Move-to-Improve Elementary Classroom Physical Activity Program

What is the Move-to-Improve Program?
Physical movement stimulates academic success by helping students to be alert and have the energy to learn. Move-to-Improve is a free classroom-based physical activity program that helps elementary school teachers enhance their lessons with activities that get students moving. MTI activities blend academics and physical activity into educational lessons that support New York State PE Learning Standards and are integrated with Common Core Learning Standards.

Why Move-to-Improve?
– The Move-to-Improve program is free and includes benefits and incentives for students, teachers, principals, and schools.
– Move-to-Improve activities are inclusive and designed to enhance academic learning during classroom instruction.
– A growing body of research suggests that student success depends on a combination of academic skills, healthy lifestyle, and physical and mental fitness. Specifically, in NYC, the correlation between fitness levels and academic achievement has been shown:

What is a Move-to-Improve All-Star school?
– Schools with a comprehensive PE program, led by a certified or designated PE teacher, have the opportunity to become a Move-to-Improve All-Star school by training at least 85% of their eligible teachers in the program.
– New York State requires all elementary schools to provide at least 120 minutes of PE every week for all students. All-Star schools can use Move-to-Improve activities during classroom instructional time to supplement their existing PE program to meet this requirement.
– What do All-Star schools receive?
– Move-to-Improve implementation guidance
– Citywide recognition of program best practices

Who is eligible to participate in the Move-to-Improve program?
– All NYC district public schools with classroom teachers serving grades K-5.

When do Move-to-Improve professional development workshops take place?
For the 2016-2017 school year, elementary schools can participate in MTI in two ways:
– Move-to-Improve Train-the-Trainer
– Certified or designated PE teachers from district public elementary schools will be
taught to successfully facilitate the Move-to-Improve workshop for their school so
that K-5 classrooms are stimulating, joyous, and conducive to learning. TTT
sessions are offered during school hours so PE teachers will need to be released.
– Move-to-Improve Event
– K-5 classroom teachers from district public schools can register for an open Move-to-Improve workshop session offered citywide.
– Participating teachers receive UFT negotiated training rate (for after-school hours)
and a certificate of completion (can count towards the 175 hours of professional
development; contingent on principal’s approval).

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